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Your Head instructor is Kyoshi Darek Lebek.

Kyoshi Darek began studying martial arts in 1986 in Taekwondo where he trained for 3 years, he then joined the World Seido Karate Organisation and in January 1996 he achieved the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt in Jan 1996). Kyoshi Darek trained under Jun Shihan George Wong in South Africa. He has attended training sessions and many seminars held by Kaicho (Grandmaster) Tadashi Nakamura as well as other well-known karate masters including world renowned Shihan Hirokazu Kanazawa - the grandmaster of Shotokan Karate and direct student of Gichin Funakoshi (the father of modern karate). Kyoshi Darek has travelled numerous times to New York, Japan, New Zealand and back to South Africa to train under Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura. Currently Kyoshi Darek trains under Jun Shihan Murray Stewart and Jun Shihan Allan Lambert, the most senior Seido Instructors in Victoria. Kyoshi Darek also attends annual Australian and New Zealand camps, and many martial arts workshops.

Kyoshi Darek has extensive teaching experience as an instructor both inside and outside of Seido Karate. As a 16 year old he became the youngest sailing instructor in his region. He has taught men, women and children of all ages. He has designed and taught self defence and street combat courses on a professional basis in South Africa. Since 2013 he has been involved in teaching life skills to disadvantaged and special needs youth in a government run martial art therapy programs where simple martial art drills and techniques are used to improve:

- mental, emotional and physical strength

- self-control and the process of making right choices under pressure

- kindness to self and others

- commitment and effort to achieving realistic goals

On the 10th June 2003 he started the Bayside Seido Karate Dojo.

Currently he holds the rank of Godan or 5th degree International Black Belt, which was awarded to him by Grand Master Kaicho Nakamura in New York in 2014 .

Kyoshi Darek was exposed to meditation and personal development in his early teenage years before he started martial arts training. Exploration of mind power and personal development become one of his passions and over the years he has attended many self-development, mind power and spiritual healing courses and workshops, has read many books on the subject and continues his exploration.

Kyoshi Darek has taken part in many national and international tournaments, many times placing in top positions. Some of the highlights of his martial art include:

- being part of the winning team in one of the biggest World Seido Karate tournaments in New York in 2006

- winning first place in Kata competition in the world tournament in New Zealand in 1998

- winning the Australian SOGO Title (Overall Australian Seido Championship in 2013) winning Kata, Kumite and Breaking competition.

His mottos are:

'Life is a path of continuous learning.'


'If you fall down 7 times, get up 8 times.'


Assistant instructor is Senpai Nigel Beeby.

Senpai Nigel started his martial art journey very early in his life in the art of Judo - in which he trained for nine years in Sydney. As a Judoka he represented the state (NSW) in the Australian Titles. Senpai Nigel has also achieved top placing in many state-level tournaments. He also has 3 years of Ju Jitsu training.
Senpai Nigel has been training at Seido Bayside for over five years now. He has travelled with Kyoshi Darek to New York to celebrate Seido's 30th anniversary and took part in a World Tournament . He attends all Seido annual camps and seminars.

His motto is:

'In whatever you do, put your heart into it and do your best!'