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Bayside Seido Dojo

The Bayside Seido Dojo was opened on 10th June 2003 by Kyoshi Darek Lebek (Head Instructor). Since then it has slowly grown and helped all manner of students to achieve their best potential.
Kyoshi Darek Lebek is a 5th Dan Black Belt with many years experience in both teaching Seido Karate and Self Defence (he taught Self Defence to the general public and the South African Police Force in South Africa where he lived for 13 years). Senpai Sher-lene Lebek (Kyoshi's wife) is a 1st Dan Black Belt, an Assistant Instructor and she helps out with all the administrative tasks of running the Seido Bayside Dojo.

Our Senior students are Senpai Doug and Senpia Nigel who have been training for over 12 years each, and both hold the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belts. Senpai Nigel also has many years experience in Judo and Ju Jitsu.

We invite you to come and learn Karate with us. We are friendly, patient and experienced. You will find that this Positive Culture exists Worldwide throughout Seido Karate, because our founder Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura wanted to emphasise becoming stronger to help fellow human beings rather than becoming stronger for our own personal gain. We hope that if you join us, that you will find your own inner peace and be able to walk this path too.

As part of a Worldwide Organisation the Bayside Seido Dojo regularly takes part in Karate Events with the other 6 Seido Dojo’s in Victoria. Once a year a Karate Camp is organised where Seido students from all over the 16 Seido Dojo’s in Australia come together to practice Seido Karate, learn from each other and socialise. Worldwide events at Honbu (Headquarters in New York) are also organised every few years to help maintain relationships. The Bayside Seido Dojo tries to attend as many of these events as possible. The welcoming atmosphere at these Seido events is very refreshing, and the bond formed between people is often strong because we have the common bond of training together, sweating together. We invite you to be a part of this Special Unique training atmosphere too.
Come and join us!