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Getting Started

Joining our Bayside Seido Karate Dojo

Please follow the steps below
1. Book a FREE introductory class at Bayside Seido Karate by ringing 9587-9391
2. Turn up to your FREE Introductory class 10 mins earlier and wear loose comfortable clothing
3. Learn something new, meet the Bayside team and have fun!

To Book Your Free Class please follow this link:BOOK NOW

What to expect in your first lesson
The class begins with the standard Seido warm up and stretching exercises (performed at Seido dojo’s all around the world because we are a worldwide organisation – we find that this helps put you at ease if you visit and train at another Seido dojo).
The class may include
- Basic techniques – ie: learning how to block, punch, kick, etc in a safe and controlled manner
- Strength and Conditioning training including different types of push-ups and sit-ups
- For Children’s classes karate based games are often employed to help make karate FUN. Teaching karate to children is very different from teaching karate to adults. Thus, although we allow parents of participating children to also train in the children’s class, please be aware that the teaching style in this class will be focused on teaching children.